Steven Raichlen SR8071 Seafood Rack


Stainless steel Handles to lift on and off grill Holds shellfish flat retaining juices in shell Grill stuffed mushrooms or baby artichokes.

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Steven Raichlen SR8071 Seafood Rack, 13.98-Inch, Stainless Steel.

Product details:
Stainless steel handles to lift on and off grill.

This rack can also accommodate anything over 1.5 inches, such as stuffed mushrooms or baby artichokes.

Model number: SR8071  

The Stainless Steel Seafood Rack from Steven Raichlen, is designed to hold shellfish flat while you’re grilling. All of the succulent juices will stay where they belong- in the shell, not on the coals!

Dimensions: 15.5″(including handles) x 11″ x 2.17″.


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